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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Top 20 Financial Blogs

Via Micropersuasion, Douglas A. McIntyre compiled a list of the Twenty Best Financial Blogs. At first glance, most of these blogs and bloggers seem to have found a niche. Some don't post often enough (who am I to say, right?). However, for PR and IR Agencies, this list is invaluable.

I've taken the time to create a Netvibes Module and have published it. It's free and an easy way to quickly glance at each day's (or week's) top blog topics.

I suppose since I had all of the sites open (in Mozilla, otherwise it would have been ugly) I could have done a lot more with it ... maybe someone else can pick up where I left off ...

One last thing ... there was only one blogger who didn't have an RSS or Atom feed set up with Blogspot. Get to it! http://microcapspeculator.blogspot.com/

This site didn't have a feed yet either, http://www.thestockmasters.com/ , what gives?

Click here to add the module, or below:

width="91" height="17" alt="Add to netvibes" />


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